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1) Click Voyager: That's a funny TE! You need to see the page for about 10 seconds (I guess it's less time) and you get credits for it to spend at yourwebsites. The site is simple, good, and it got a lot of interesting stuff to keep you addicted. While you are surfing, you can join a small game of hangman, for example: if you win, you get some good credits! There's a slot machine too, where you can get more tickets daily.. This site is full of options, you need to explore to find it all!

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2) EasyHits 4u: That's an amazing TE! Ok, it's not as fun as Click Voyager, but it's better at one way: you can win cash here just for doing FREE surfing! Yes, if you surf 10000 sites until the end of the month, you get $2 at your account + some credits! What are you waiting for?

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1) Linkworth:

    * Sell ads and monetize your site with relatively little maintenance;
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