I'm Walter, I'm 30 years old and I'm graduated at Computer Engineer!

I'm glad you are here. Just make yourself at home! ;)

You can contact me anytime at my e-mail: masterfocus@gmail.com

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Yes, you aren't reading wrong: I'm offering a unique opportunity for you to put YOUR referral link on my webpage. You know that I use my site to promote my referral link, but there's a couple of things that make me do this section of the site.

I want to add a good range of reliable (and paying) sites, because my website isn't only for promote my links, but also to offer a wide range of good sites for any internet user to win free money. Of course I put some sites here, but I only put sites where I could sign up and I probably will be paid.

What about the another sites? For example, the sites which only accept USA residentes (yes, I didn't forget you, guys), or canadians or whatever? If I only list sites with my referral link, I'll get an incomplete listing, isn't right?

Ok, I'll explain my idea: I'll start to put any free earning site. When I'll put a site which I can't sign up, I'll let YOU to add YOUR referral link in my place! That's right! You'll get another place to put your referral link for any site of your choice, if I'm not allowed to join it!

But I got rules. And I want a fair deal, right? So, these are the rules:

1) Look for a site on the pending list below (it's located at the final of this page);

2) Select your site and contact me, using the form below;
2.1) If the site isn't listed at my pending list, you can suggest one. But I'll need some proof to put it here.
2.2) Don't forget to put a valid e-mail at it. I'll need to contact you about your deal. If your e-mail get invalid, I'll cancel our deal, if you don't contact me soon with a valid e-mail address.

3) I'll add this site to one of my sections (if it's a PTC, I'll put there, etc.) with your referral link there! You'll only need to do one of these two options:
a) Join any of the programs with my referral link and keep yourself active at there. While you keep doing this, I'll let your site here;
b) OR pay me a SMALL donation of $5.00 at my paypal account for each month!

4) I'll check if you are doing one of these options. If you stop to do the option "b", you can jump to the option "a" and the opposite is also true. Plus, if you stop to be active at one of my programs, you can join ANOTHER different program of mine with my referral link and start again with no problem.

5) If you get late for any of the options, you'll have 3 days to do another option. If you don't do this, I'll try to contact you. If I couldn't contact you or you refuse to keep our deal, I'll erase your referral link from my site. Of course you can make another deal with me again, if you stay active, of course.
5.1) For the option "a", I'll check daily (or almost) if you are been active. If you be active, at least, at 20 days at a month, I'll keep our deal alive;
5.2) For the option "b", you'll need to pay between the 1st day of the month and the 10th. If I don't reciev your payment, I'll contact you, like I said before.

6) BUT suppose that there's a GPT called "winmoney", which accept ONLY USA residents and you did a deal with me, putting your referral link here and you are active. Let's suppose that this site open to my country, then I finally can sign up for it. I'll stop our deal, HOWEVER I'll join this GPT with YOUR REFERRAL LINK and you'll win another referrall.. :D

7) That's all. At the start, any person can make any number of deals with me, when I got room for these ones. If you have another questions, I'll be glad to answer it. Just fill that form below and I'll answer you when I can.

Thanks for your patience! And happy earnings! :)
Pending List

I'll put here sites wich don't accept brazilian members like myself. See the rules above for more info about the purpose of this listing:

none, for a while. You can suggest a site, if you want.
Or visit this link or this one