I'm Walter, I'm 30 years old and I'm graduated at Computer Engineer!

I'm glad you are here. Just make yourself at home! ;)

You can contact me anytime at my e-mail: masterfocus@gmail.com

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My earnings' news

Latest news: 10/11/2013

I'm back! I added some new sites and deleted some outdated ones. I'll add A LOT of Traffic Exchangers, which are a trendy at cash earners nowadays.

Latest news: 29/09/2012

I got really occupied with work and I kind of abandoned this site. But I'll try to update it and go back to business, at least. I'll ad more sites and delete the outdated ones. I'll check the deals you guys sent me and I didn't respond yet. Thanks! :)


OMG! I did another site?? No! That's the same PTC Focus, but with new design! I know it's still simple, but I'm sure it's a lot of better than that old greeny theme... :)

Anyway, I'm adding more stuff and ads. Of course you are not obligued to click any ad, but if you get interested in some ad, click at it! I'm sure you can get some useful stuff for you sometimes. And don't forget to check my GPT section soon: I'll add new payment proofs, this time for prizelive!! Yes, another paying site, with INSTANT payments! :D

Well, good day for you! :)


I inserted a new option called "e-mail ads". Check it for more info.

And I'm starting the section "submit your referral link". That's right! I'll give you a chance to publish your referral link here. Just click at "Submit your referral link" option at the right menu and you'll get more info about this! :)

And I'm doing great with DollarClickOrsignup... I recommend you to join them. :)


Well.. A new year is here and my earnings are getting better! GPTCashCow, the GPT I discovered before, it's doing great and I got 3 payments since I joined! They do weekly payments!! Isn't good? Anyway, I reformulate the site and I'm going to add more programs for you to join and win FREE money, because we don't want to pay to win money, right? :)

Check my GPT Section for the updates! :D


wow! I got some good earnings this time! I got an upgrade for wordlinx and I'm getting more ads! And Twitter is working great, because Wordlinx offer a weekly contest, where you can win $5 for free at your wordlinx balance. And I win a special one, worth $10! Good, hun? Join they at the PTC section! :D

And I discover this new GPT site: GPTCashCow! Very good site! It's the first one on my GPT list and I got paid for them! You don't need to do offers to win good cash, you can win money only with the PTC of them, which is great! Don't lose time, join they at the GPT section! :D


Well.. I got less time to be active on these PTCs and GPTs, but I'm still here. I did a clean on the GPT section, adding some new sites and excluding old ones. I put a ad about the new site Lockerz, which is a promissing website for you to win FREE stuff on the net. Check it out! :D


well...I'm still looking for more sites. I didn't get a new reliable one yet, I just posted some GPTs which I GUESS they are reliable... Keep in mind that a site can be reliable when I post a payment proof for it. But if you don't spend a dime joining these ones, it's worth a try, I think! :)


Wordlinx is going great! It's still the best PTC around, while another PTCs broke, they are standing and getting stronger! Linkworth paid me! Check the proof at the web advertising page! ;)

Site news

Latest news: 01/04/2009

I inserted another site at the list: My free shares!

My Free Shares: this site is interesting. You sign up and win 1 share of the site. You can get more shares referring people, clicking at ads and signing up at some offers, mostly free ones. Then, you'll win cash EVERYDAY with the ammount of shares you got. For example: you got 20 shares and each share is worth $0.00001. At one day, you'll win 0.00020, and at a month, you'll win about $0.006. Ok, that's too few, but you can get more shares and get more money and you don't need to login everyday. It's a good investment, and it's FREE!

Sign up here!


The sections of the site were expanded for a better organization. Now, you have more options to earn money online! ;)

Or visit this link or this one