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Welcome to PTC Focus! Here, you can find some sites where you can make some money for FREE! Yes, you don't NEED to pay ANYTHING, you only need to make some effort to get free money for you!

But I warn you: these sites ARE NOT get rich schemes! Hardly you'll get rich with them, BUT free money is always good.. ;)

The money will come at different ways. Usually you'll get money through a "Payment processor", like Paypal, Alertpay or E-Gold, or through check. The most of sites at here will send money to you through Paypal or Alertpay.

What's a "Payment Processor"? It's a site where you can send and receive money through the net. It works like a virtual bank: you can send money to your account through your credit card or bank account and can receive money at the same way! You also can send/receive money to/from another paypal user, like a currency! Many sites, like Ebay, use Paypal to make payments, it's very reliable! Alertpay is also a Payment Processor, but it's still growing. However, a lot of PTC sites pays through Alertpay, then I advise you to sign up (it's free) at Paypal and Alertpay, at least, through the links below:


The sites showed here are RELIABLE ones (or next to this), which means you will certainly get your money, if you do the right things! There's a couple of ways to win money through the sites listed here:

1) Clicking at ads (through PTCs);
2) Doing Offers (through GPTs);
3) Doing surveys (through GPTs and Survey sites)
4) and another things.

I'll teach you about these words, don't worry!

You can win money at these sites with your job and with referrals! Referrals are people that sign up at the program through your referral link (referral link is a custom link showed on your page when you sign up at the site. Its localization can be different dependind of the site) and, when these people do their job at the site, they win money (of course) and you get some commissions from them! Yes, referring is a really good thing, and it doesn't hurt anybody: the referral win money and the referrer too.

All the links at this site are my referral links. You don't need to use them, if you don't want to be my referral: but it's useless if you think that you can use the site without be referral to anyone: a lot of sites sell unreferred members to another users, so, you ALWAYS will be referral to someone. So, I guess it's better when you are referral to the person that referred you, don't you think? :D

A few advices to you:

1) Use different logins and passwords at PTC sites. This procedure minimizes the problem when a hacker attempts to hack your account;
2) Never reveal your password to ANYONE;
3) Send honest and reliable information at the GPT and Surveys sites. That's important;
4) Never cheat: read the rules, it'll not hurt you. If you need help, talk to the administrator at the site.

Finally, I'll teach you some tips at using these sites! You just need to choose which type of site you'll use (or you can use all of them, you got the decision)! If you need a short explanation, see the text above.

PTC: It means "Pay To Click" and it's the type of site where you can winmoney clicking at ads! I'll explain to you how this thing works:

1)A Advertiser needs to promote a site, like "www.mybelovedsite.com".Then, he comes to the PTC and buy some clicks at this site! The PTCguarantees that he'll get a X ammount of clicks (for example, 1000) fora selected price. Then, the PTC win money with the advertiser.

2) The PTC get some of his winnings and give it back to his users, the clickers. Depending of the PTC site, the ammount can be different. For example: some PTC sites reward his users with $0.01 per click. You just need to click for some weeks everyday to get to the minimum payout, which one depends of the PTC site you are using. Then, when you get to the minimum payout, you can request your money, which it'll send to your Paypal or Alertpay Address.

In another words, it's totally legal! :D

But be aware: there's a lot of PTC sites which scam his members. This site of mine comes with the mission of get you inside the RELIABLE sites, avoiding the scams! Sure, shit happens and sometimes a site called "reliable" scam his members, but I'll try to make this site updated with the reliable sites every week!

GPT: it means "Get Paid To". It's the sites where you can win money doing a lot of different things, usually offers. It's legal too and there's a couple of reliable sites at this area. Some sites are creative and fun, so, you can win money and have some fun at the same time!

BUT there's a problem: the most of offers sites are made to United States residents, because a lot of internet offers are directed to USA residents. But don't get frustrated if you aren't from USA: there's some sites that accept everyone and there's some sites that accept another countries, like Canada, United Kingdom and Australia... :)

Web Advertising: through these sites, you can advertise your own site to win referrals or just to get traffic. You do this through safelists and traffic exchangers. PTC sites can be used to advertise too, but I advise you to use these ones instead. Also, you can win money monetizing your site, which means that you can use your own site to advertise another ones and get paid for this! :D

I- Traffic Exchange and Safelist: these sites aren't to win money, but to help you to promote your website! You can use to a lot of things, which I'll advise you to do:

1) Promote your referral link. Sometimes, you can get people to sign up under you;
2) Promote a website of you (like this one, in my case);
3) Promote a "pictures' site", which one uses a imagehost which pays you to show your pics (yeah, there's sites like this, just see at the GPT section).

Traffic exchange
is a site where you surf at another users' pages and win some points which you can use to advertise your own sites! It's useful and FREE! Plus, there's some Traffic Exchanges which reward his loyal members with MONEY!

Safelist is a list of e-mails where you win points reading another users' e-mails. You can use these points to send e-mails to another users promoting your site and doing some advertisement! You can write a text trying to convince the users too! All these things are FREE! :D
And there's some safelists which reward you with a little MONEY! :D

II- Monetizing your site: do you know you can use your own site to advertise another ones and get paid for this? NO? Well, you are at the right place! You just need to get a site with decent traffic (use a safelist or traffic exchange to get quick massive traffic) and you are done. You can advertise another sites and get paid for this! :D

Or visit this link or this one